Hire Professionals for Summer Lawn Care in Toms River

For many of us, summer is the best time of year. The long days, warm sun, and outdoor activities are something we look forward to all year long. Unfortunately, with summer comes the chore of taking care of your lawn. This can be hot, inconvenient, and difficult to stay on top of. We can get the most out of summer by hiring the professionals for lawn care in Toms River.

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Beat The Heat

While the summer heat is great for days by the pool or at the beach, it can make outdoor chores almost unbearable. Sun rays and heat from the motor make pushing a lawn mower around very hot and uncomfortable. Depending on the situation, the heat can even be dangerous. By hiring professionals for lawn care in Toms River, you can beat the summer heat and your lawn is taken care of.  


Between work and outdoor activities, your schedule can be packed during the summer. Unfortunately, your lawn doesn’t work around your plans. Lawn care requires consistency and dedication that many of us simply can’t manage. With professional lawn care in Toms River, you can rest assured that your lawn will be taken care of properly. This means you won’t have to plan your schedule around maintaining your lawn.  

Enjoy the Summer

It often feels like summer comes and goes in the blink of an eye. When you spend your days outdoors with friends, time flies and you don’t want to miss a moment. Why interrupt a day by the pool by pushing around a lawn mower? By hiring professionals for lawn care in Toms River, you can kick back this summer and enjoy yourself!

Professional Equipment

Another reason to hire someone to handle your lawn care in Toms River is for practicalities sake. What makes more sense – spending your time and energy pushing around a typical light duty lawn mower, or streamlining the process with a ride-along unit that cuts the time in half. Professionals also have equipment that many homeowners don’t, such as weed whackers and edgers. Lawn care services have the equipment necessary to properly maintain your yard in the most efficient and thorough way possible.

No Cleanup

When you finish mowing the lawn in the hot sun, the last thing you want to do is go around raking the cut grass into piles, packing it into garbage bags, and overfilling your garbage can. People who do their own lawn care in Toms River are often too exhausted after cutting their lawn and end up leaving the dead grass on the ground.

This grass can become a home to pesky insects and also looks unattractive when it dies and turns brown. When you hire professionals for lawn care, they always clean up cut grass and never leave debris on-site.

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Other Services

Once you see the convenience of professional lawn care in Toms River, you may realize how other landscaping services can make your summer easier. For example, in order for shrubs and trees to grow properly, they must be regularly pruned. This also keeps them healthy by removing diseased or dead plant tissue.

Also, having your landscape plants properly mulched helps save water, controls weed growth, and adds beauty to your yard. Just as lawn care is time-consuming, pruning and mulching by yourself can put a damper on the summer fun. Comprehensive lawn care could be just what you need for a summer of leisure.

Expert Lawn Care in Toms River

If you are thinking of hiring professionals for lawn care in Toms River, make sure to choose the experts. Carefree Dreamscapes provides the very best in lawn care and landscaping services. With over 35 years of experience, we excel in creating and maintaining beautiful dreamscapes for our clients, allowing them to enjoy a carefree lifestyle. Lawn care is just one of the many services we provide. To soak up every last bit of summer this year, contact us today.

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