• Thanks so much for all your help in providing seeding, grading, trees and sprinkler repair to help complete the site plan improvements for The Open Door. Your help, by providing the labor, equipment and materials at a discount for that project, made the opening of our center possible.  We, the Board and staff and volunteers, appreciate all that you have done. Once again, thank you for all that you have done to make our new home possible.

    Cheryl A. Durham Executive Director - The Open Door
  • We can’t thank you enough for being there for us after the storm to help with our fallen trees  and storm debris.  We think you and your staff are super people and we would not hesitate to use your services in the future, or to recommend you to our friends.

    The Schlitte’s
  • The lawn has never looked so good.  And you maintenance team did a great job, as well.  We really appreciate all of your hard work to keep our property looking so great.

    The Murrays
  • Thank You!  We had a great season.  Everything looks excellent.  Looking forward to next season.

    The Bennetts
  • The landscaping, choice of plants, the artistic viewpoint, placement, transplanting.  All in all we are overwhelmed with you and your crew.  Their work was beyond the call of duty, their graciousness in pointing out things that would detract from their vision and yours.  All in all if I were 50lbs lighter I would be turning cartwheels of joy!  Thank you and your crew for the handling of the plants, placement of such, and very very hard work and planning.

    Helen & Johnny Alsjewski
  • Sunday morning pastor said to me a Good Samaritan cleaned all the snow from your cars.  The Christ Lutheran Travel Club sure thanks you for all your hard work.

    Marjorie Clark
  • Thank you for all you do!

    The Smiths
  • As we expected the finished project looks better than we envisioned.  You always exceed our expectations.  The landscaping almost doubles the available space we had.  We should have done it years ago.

    Sue & Bobby Hankins
  • We were delighted with the lovely job your crew did.  Thanks so much.

    Dorothy Meyer
  • Thank you for your excellent service and affordable prices.  I’m so fortunate Peter Kercheval Turf Care recommended you!

    Lynn Stevens
  • Thanks for the fruit basket.  It was delicious(the fruit, not the basket).  Good to have thoughtful friends like you guys.

  • Thanks very much for taking care of us.

    Gladys & Jim
  • Thank You So Much!!

    Mrs. Dotti Von Tronk
  • Great job as usual!

    Mr. Robert Schulz
  • Many thanks for your kindness to me. I do appreciate it very much.  I hope the Lord brings you many clients as a result of your generosity.   My place is the nicest on the block.

    Sister Adrienne Fallon
  • After 10 days without power I returned to the office late last week. Much to my surprise I discovered that all of the messages to the house phone had somehow been forwarded to my office phone.  Anyway, one of the messages was from you office checking –up on customers.  I wanted to formally let you know just how much we appreciated that thoughtful gesture.  That kind of customer focus means a great deal to us.

    Mark & Allison Ells
  • Thank you for a great job.  Appreciate your care & concern.  Looking forward to doing more business with you.

    Carl Jablowski
  • Thank you for such terrific service.  We are very pleased.

    Mrs. Clair Fitzgerald


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