Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscaper

As winter comes to a close, it’s a great time to invest in the maintenance of your yard. There are plenty of things you can do to take care of your yard, ready it for spring, and ensure that the exterior of your house will look its best once the frost dies away and the days are warm again. However, there are also many things to consider when it comes to your yard. There’s design, layout, and the actual time, money, and effort it costs to maintain it. Rather than try to handle it all yourself, consider the benefits of hiring a professional landscaper.

Save Time

Landscaping your yard is a major time commitment. For those that work, chores like these get pushed to the weekend – a time that’s supposed to be reserved for leisure and fun. And even then, it can be hard to get them accomplished.

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Lawns generally need to be mowed once per week, especially if there’s a lot of rain. Then there’s edging, and cleaning the trimmings. Depending on the size of the lawn, this whole process can take hours. Then there are the other maintenance jobs, like pruning bushes and shrubs, watering the beds, weeding, and mulching. It’s safe to say that a good chunk of time on your Saturday or Sunday will be devoted to your yard.

Add on the other things you do over the weekend, like going grocery shopping or attending to other family obligations, and you can see why many lawns receive minimal care for the sake of time.

Hiring a professional landscaper prevents this massive investment of your time. You can rest easy knowing that the work is in someone else’s hands. Professional landscaping companies are skilled and experienced in their trade. They will make short work of a project it could have taken you the better part of an entire afternoon to complete. That leaves you free to enjoy your time the way you want to.

Save Money

Most people will hesitate to hire a professional landscaper for financial reasons. However, you may actually end up saving money in the long run. Lawn mowers require gas and consistent maintenance to function. They need oil changes and new spark plugs just like cars do, not to mention blade sharpening. Possible problems with the engine or starting mechanism can arise, often requiring servicing by a professional. In addition, there’s the cost of mulch, seed, fertilizer, and pesticides. Most professional landscaping companies will charge a flat monthly fee that covers the cost of continued maintenance.

You’ll also save yourself the hassle of spending money to fix any mistakes. A professional landscaper will know from the outset the type of mulch or shrub that will do best on your land. They bring their own equipment, which means you won’t have to worry if your lawn mower needs gas, or needs its blades sharpened.

Benefit From the Experience of a Professional Landscaper

There’s a lot to consider when landscaping your yard – perhaps even more than you may initially realize. You have to consider the best places to plant, how the water drains on your property, what areas are excessively sunny or shady, which shrubs will do best in your climate, how does the maintenance fit with your lifestyle, and so on. Factoring these things in can overwhelm even the most level-headed person, regardless of how much they know about the outdoors.

A professional landscaper is an expert and knows the answers to these types of questions. They know which plants will look good, and where they should be planted. For instance, you may be attracted to the look of a butterfly bush but you may not realize how large they grow without careful pruning. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you won’t want a lot of butterflies fluttering around and spreading pollen everywhere. Or perhaps you really want the ever-present green of a pine tree near your house, but you don’t realize that their shallow roots make them easy targets to uproot in a storm.

Professionals will provide you with this information, and more, from the outset. They’ll also be able to offer useful suggestions, like what kind of mulch is safe for your dog, and which types of flowers will compliment the color of your home.

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Turn Your Landscape into a Dreamscape

These are just a few of the reasons why it’s beneficial to hire a professional landscaper. As if the saved time and money weren’t enough, the experience that a professional company brings to the table will be sure to make your home the envy of the neighborhood. A professionally designed and maintained landscape can actually elevate your home’s property value. Just like your family room or kitchen, your yard will become a place where you and your family will actually want to spend time. You can be outside, and enjoy your time there.
If you want to turn your yard from a simple landscape to a luxurious getaway, look no farther than Carefree Dreamscapes. Our experienced team will handle all aspects of your landscape, from initial concept, to production, and continued maintenance. Family owned and operated for decades, it’s our mission to create and maintain beautiful dreamscapes for our clients so they can enjoy a carefree lifestyle. View our wide array of services, and contact us today for your consultation and quote.  

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