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After a day out in the hot sun, one of the best places to unwind is in your very own backyard. Even though the weather is perfect for summer evenings outside, without lighting, you can get left in the dark. With the right landscape design and outdoor lighting, you can enjoy the summer weather all night long.

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Garden Lighting

During summer nights, your garden can be an enchanting place. With fireflies flickering about and the scent of plant life, it can be the best spot on your property with the right lighting. Small, low-level lights outline leaves and flowers to give your garden a soft glow. Another lamp on a post illuminates the area that surrounds the garden. A nice cedar bench underneath the lamp could be a great place to kick back and take in the summer evening.

Lighting Trees

While lighting in the garden gives you a great place to relax, tree lighting elevates the overall landscape design of your property. Beaming lights up a tree’s trunk create an aesthetic that shows the natural beauty of the foliage. Each leaf flickers with light while the trunks, bathed in a warm glow, give depth to your backyard.

Connecting trees together with string lights also add an inviting touch to any landscape. This also helps illuminate the yard, opening up space for summer evening activities. A talented landscaper can not only lay out a great lighting design, but they can also put in the trees.

Deck and Patio Lighting

Decks and patios are an extension of your home, usually home to grills, seating, and a dinner table. Homeowners typically install one or two spotlights for their deck or patio, which doesn’t add much beauty to the landscape design. By installing lighting strategically along railings and the exterior of your home, you can create a welcoming space perfect for evening barbecues, intimate dinners, and block parties.

If you have potted plants on your deck or patio, it’s a good idea to set up the same type of lighting you used in the garden to illuminate the plants. With deck and patio lighting, you open up countless possibilities for evening fun and relaxation.

Lighting Around a Pool

One of the most entertaining things you can do on a summer evening is taking a late night dip in your pool. Without the proper outdoor lighting, however, swimming at night can be dangerous. Even if you have underwater lights, the area around a pool is slippery and visibility is very important for safety. Installing lights around the pool edges and walkway to the pool not only makes things safer, but it adds a unique ambiance to your landscape design.

Lighting Walkways

To get the most out of your summer evenings, you want to be able to safely navigate your yard. This can be done by lighting up every area where you might want to walk. Evenly placed lowlights along walkways allow you to safely maneuver your property at night. Lanterns on posts are also great for adding extra light and charm to your landscape design. With your entire yard illuminated, you can get the most use out of it under the summer night’s sky.

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Landscape Design Experts

While these lighting strategies can greatly improve your property’s landscape design, lighting is best left up to professionals. Carefree Dreamscapes has over 40 years experience in everything from simple landscaping to elegant outdoor design. We know the best techniques to transform your property’s nightscape into a glowing nighttime oasis. Our outdoor lighting designs will increase security and make your backyard more functional just in time for summer. To get started illuminating your property, contact Carefree Dreamscapes today.

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