Ocean & Monmouth County Landscaper: Spring Clean Up Time

With spring just around the corner, many of us are gearing up for spring cleaning. If you want your home to truly shine, you can’t forget about cleaning up your yard. You can have the most pristine home on the block, but if your yard isn’t clean it really won’t matter. This spring, you should have a meticulous landscaper tackle your yard for the most thorough spring clean up.

Clear Leaves and Sticks

During the winter, cold weather prevents us from getting out in our yards and clearing away leaves and sticks that build up in our garden beds. Other than looking unsightly, this debris can damage the plant life in your garden. A good Monmouth County landscaper will rake away broken branches, leaves, and mulch. Old mulch needs to be removed to prevent smothering plants and flowers. Clearing out your yard is a great way to kick off the new season and maintain a healthy yard.

Prune Injured Branches

Late winter/early spring is a perfect time to prune damaged or dead trees. Including pruning in your spring clean up is ideal because you catch the plants before they leaf out. Pruning helps remove damaged and dead branches and increases a plant’s exposure to light. Get pruning out of the way this spring will help you maintain a beautiful property all year long.

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Spade Garden Edging

A strong indicator of a well-maintained property is having crisp edges between your garden and its surroundings. The edges of your garden bed draw a viewer’s attention to your beautiful garden and frame it like a picture. Proper garden edging improves the visuals of your property and reflects positively on you. Having an Ocean County landscaper spade your garden edging this spring is a great way to kick off the season.

Mowing the Lawn

Mowing is vital for maintaining a healthy lawn this spring. Spring is when plants start to bud and your grass begins to grow again. Did you know that regularly mowing a lawn results in denser grass? Also, trimmed and dense grass greatly adds to the overall aesthetics of your property. Moving can also reduce the need for pest control, as your lawn can resist more pest pressure. An Ocean County landscaper can help you achieve the perfect yard this spring through regular mowing.

Prep Lawn for Spring Seeding

In order to mow your lawn, it needs to grow first. An Ocean County landscaper can make this happen. First, they will test your soil’s pH levels so they can determine what needs to be done. They then remove damaged turf and prepare for seeding. They will lay down a layer of compost which keeps the seeds moist, benefiting germination. March is the perfect time to add fertilizer and crabgrass treatment. With your lawn seeded, your property will be ready to bloom.

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Tidy Up Hardscapes

If you have hardscapes on your property, spring is a great time to spruce them up. Monmouth County landscapers will begin revitalizing your hardscapes by sweeping new sand or stone dust into joints in the hardscape and then using water to set everything in place. Out of place pavers will be removed and reset, with base materials underneath the hardscape replenished. Professionals use a pressure washer on any algae spots or leaf stains that find their way onto your hardscapes. With your hardscapes taken care of, your property will look great for the warmer months.

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If you are ready to start your property’s spring clean up, you are going to need a landscaper. Carefree Dreamscapes is an Ocean and Monmouth County landscaper with expert service and over 45 years of experience. These spring cleaning services are just a small part of what Carefree Dreamscapes has to offer. Make sure you have a beautiful property this spring by contacting Carefree Dreamscapes today.

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