Snow Removal in Ocean County – Benefits of Hiring a Professional

The sight of snow falling gently around us garners mixed reactions. Some look around and see nothing but a beautiful winter wonderland. Others see only a wet, heavy mess that means icy roads, salty residue covering roads and cars, and an inevitable clean up. Indeed, most of the hassle of snow storms comes with the annoyance of having to shovel it. Ocean County, New Jersey is prone to some significant snow accumulations during the winter, which leaves residents routinely stuck digging themselves out. It can be back-breaking work and very time-consuming, depending on the size of your lot. Why not cut yourself some slack this winter? Consider these four benefits to hiring a professional for snow removal in Ocean County.  

Less Work Involved

Snow removal can be daunting, depending on the amount of snow and the size of the surface you need to clear. Residents of Ocean County are just as likely to receive a light dusting as they are 4 inches, depending on the type of system. Shoveling 4 inches of heavy, packed snow might not be that bad for the young and able-bodied, but it takes quite a toll on those with back problems or limited mobility. Business owners are also responsible for clearing their establishment’s parking lot in addition to their own home driveway. For one person, doing both could take an entire day, if not more.

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Hiring a professional for snow removal in Ocean County saves you from the effects of physical labor. For some, the convenience of having your driveway or lot cleared without ever touching a shovel is well worth the cost. Plus, the snow removal gets done more quickly. This is crucial for business owners, as quick snow removal allows them to open their business sooner, or stay open for longer.


You don’t want your family, employees, or customers to deal with slippery, snow covered sidewalks and pavement any more than you do. Snow or ice covered walkways pose the risk of a serious slip-and-fall accident. This could spell disaster for businesses as well. If an employee or customer slips because of a covered sidewalk, you could be held liable.

Professionals will not only remove snow from your driveway or parking lot but also your sidewalks and walkways. They’re trained to spot potentially problematic areas where moisture will collect and pool once the snow starts to melt. They can lay down salt in these areas to prevent them from getting icy, and may even provide sand to help with traction.

Stay Open

Small business owners may be leery of enlisting the help of professional snow removal in Ocean County because of the cost. However, it’s well worth the investment when you consider what you get in return. If your lot isn’t cleared, then you can’t open your business. This can result in significant lost income.

With professional snow removal, you can open your doors sooner after a storm, or stay open longer during one. This means you won’t have to lose an entire day of production just because of the weather.

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Your friend of a friend with a plow on his Wrangler may not charge as much as a professional would for snow removal in Ocean County. However, a professional will do the job right. Many people don’t know that there’s more to plowing than simply moving the snow from point A to point B. A novice who only dabbles in snow removal for some extra cash could potentially cause damage to your property or business. Professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to understand how to preserve the integrity of the asphalt and not cause damage with the plow’s blade.

Snow Removal in Ocean County

Don’t let significant snowfall leave you exhausted from shoveling or stuck at home. If you’re looking for professional snow removal in Ocean County, look no further than Carefree Dreamscapes. Whether you need a home driveway plowed or a commercial parking cleared and salted, you can rest easy while we do all the heavy lifting. In addition to our other services, we provide fully insured, expert snow removal services from the curb right to your door. Contact us today to get your snow removal quote.

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